Cable Application CPR Certification FAQ

CPR is a CE certification in the laws and regulations, building products regulations, which is the construction of products in the EU market sales of the most basic requirements.Wire and cable are not included in the building materials before the law, until the EN 50575 coordination standards.There are mainly encounter the following problems in application.

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Chinese factories do not have too much of the EU regulations, it requested by the buyer, they require the factory to provide a certificate will be under the single purchase. It has some questions need to clear for Wire and cable manufacturers.

A.Fire rating A-F7.

A, B1, B2, C level in accordance with the 1 + class applications, need for factory test plant.It’s not only high requirement for wire and cable fire performance,but also high requirement in production for the factory.At present,only a little Chinese factories can get these grades. D, E two grades are common domestic certification, most manufacturers are applying for certification, only need to provide samples to foreign laboratory tests.It don't require factory audit, the product requirements are not high.D grade needs to be burned by bundles EN 50399 ,single vertical combustion and EN 60332 two tests.E grade only by single vertical combustion EN 60332.

B.Clear product model.

The factory always wants to spend less money, get the more product models through certification.But if the product can not be divided into series, each line must be tested.Only divided into a series of products, sampling the largest and smallest of the two models, two models have passed the test before they can be written in series.It should be noted that each model in the series must be stated and can not be written in scope.

C.Clear to the laboratory have requirements?

Europe has qualified to do EN 50575 test has more than 30 laboratories.The cost cycle between different laboratories is quite different.


    a)Sample preparation

  • If you are applying an E-grade cable, prepare a 5M sample.You can do a simulation test by single vertical post-combustion, and then send samples to laboratories in Europe.
    If you are applying B1, B2, C, D grade certification, the number of samples prepared:
    1.If the cable diameter D> = 20mm, the formula is as follows:
    For example: cable diameter of 30mm,N=int [6.4]=6.Requires six 3.5-meter wires as samples.
    2.If the cable diameter of 5mm, the formula is as follows:
    Example: Cable with a diameter of 10 mm,N=int [15.5]=15.Need 15 3.5 meters of wire as a sample.
    3.If the cable diameter D <= 5mm, the sample needs a lot of cable bundle composition, the cable bundle diameter of about 10mm, cable bundle 15.The formula is as follows:
    For example: cable diameter of 4mm,N=15*int [6.25]=90.Need 90 3.5 meters of wire as a sample.
  • b)Technical documentation

  • Product information requires an English version of the technical documentation to describe the product. Contains the information: product structure, use, model name, grade, the results of various layers of materials and other information.


Once the sample is ready, it can be sent directly to the European laboratory.It is worth noting that the sample needs to be labeled.The label contains the following information: production plant, model name, application level, production lot number and other basic information.Paste the label on the sample can be sent directly to the European laboratory.
In fact, the factory need to be prepared in this period, FPC factory process control, complaints and product recall documents, save ten years of technical documentation and so on.But at present for the three categories of D and E grade cable is not demanding, most factories do not do these documents.


If the test is passed, the factory will need to do the DOP document as required, declare the product's performance, and produce the product label.DOP documents inside the information to be included:Factory name, address, product model, grade, bulletin board number, DOP document number and other information.
In the process of declaring DOP often encounter a buyer license problem.In fact, this problem is often encountered in other CE certification.Before the treatment is done to do a secondary card, deputy card shows the buyer's information, generally do not reflect the factory information.But in the CPR regulations in the three categories of products, often not a good solution to this problem.Because the NB organization is only responsible for testing, is not responsible for doing DOP statement, and the test report is no way to join the new model.This time the general practice is to do a test factory declaration.Indicating that the buyer's model and name can correspond to the product information on the factory.And then do a DOP document, so buyers can get their own DOP statement.


3 categories of CPR certificate does not exist in the validity of the problem.As long as the regulations and product standards are not upgraded, this certificate will remain valid.If it is 1 + class certificate, in general, the certificate is valid for 5 years.Because 1 + class certificate is the announcement agency certification, the specific validity period according to the announcement of the agency's instructions.